Pinnacle: definition and historical background

Burraco is one of the favorite games of Italians (and others). With a long tradition, an immense number of variants, more or less well-known, more or less compelling, it represents a true cultural heritage for card lovers. In fact, to make it more dynamic, it is possible to change the rules, the scores, the number […]

The role of the Burraco referee and how to become one

When you play burraco, as in any other sport, you know that you are obliged to follow the rules to the letter, and whenever one of the rules is not followed, it is the job of a referee to intervene by making important decisions. So this is a key figure in the conduct of games […]

Burraco tournaments: rules and penalties

Burraco is a popular and widespread card game derived from the pinochle family and of dubious origins. Yes, some say he was born in Uruguay in the 1940s and some say he saw his origins a few years later in southern Italy. Read more: History of Burraco Whatever its origins, it remains a card game […]

Variants in Burraco: the most popular ones

Burraco is one of the most fun, bonding and exciting games, as well as one of the most popular on the entire planet, that can be played with cards. With a very large and complex tradition behind it, there are many constantly evolving versions played just about everywhere. The changes implemented-with particular attention toward those […]

Choosing a partner in Burraco

Having fun playing Burraco is easy, but with a good partner it becomes even more so. Choosing a partner, who is up to the task, becomes crucial not only when playing Burraco live, but especially in the case of games conducted online. After all, Burraco is also a game that relies heavily on the understanding […]

Burraco tricks: strategies and tips for winning

The game of Burraco is a game in which the skills and skill of the player, are much more important than the so called luck factor. Burraco in fact, is a game in which strategy is the reigning queen during every move, and a good strategy, can be activated only by a player who is […]

Semi-clean burraco: the terms of the game

To start playing Burraco, it is necessary to know the specific terms and understand in detail how the game is played in order to compete with other players. During the game, in order to score points and close the game, it is necessary to form combinations, called comunemente scale. Ladders are used to form “tumblers” […]

International Burraco: rules and differences

Burraco, a well-known card game that has been incredibly successful in Italy to the point of involving adults, young people and the elderly of all races and economic situations, has also been incredibly successful in the rest of the world, to the point of Be practiced in almost all nations. Precisely in this regard, it […]

The rules of 2-player burraco

Traditional Burraco involves 4 players as it focuses on team play, basing every strategy on this aspect. However, the version that includes 2 players is also very common. What are the differences? Let’s look at them together. For more: the rules of 4-player Burraco. Difference between 2-player and 4-player Burraco The rules are basically the […]

The importance of strategy in a burraco tournament

The game of Burraco is one of the pastimes that manages to involve not only people of the elderly, but also enthusiasts who want to spend different time having fun without any thought. In fact, the game of Burraco allows one to: Obviously in the game of Burraco the F-factor, that is, that of luck, […]