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Welcome to the blog section of Buraconline. This space is reserved for news, insights, events and trivia about the vast world of burraco, both online and classic.

This is a game toward which interest has grown exponentially in recent years. Part of this is thanks to online platforms, which allow people to play, have fun and relax from the comfort of home, via their PC or mobile device.

Many, however, still remained attached to playing around the table, particularly during the summer season. The articles on our blog range from historical burraco considerations, rules of the game, strategies, and trivia on the most diverse aspects (including those of a charitable and social nature) pertaining to burraco.
If you are fond of online burraco, download the game and you can also learn more about the various aspects of burraco and meet new people.

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Choosing a partner in Burraco

Having fun playing Burraco is easy, but with a good partner it becomes even more so. Choosing a partner, who is up to the task,

The rules of 2-player burraco

Traditional Burraco involves 4 players as it focuses on team play, basing every strategy on this aspect. However, the version that includes 2 players is

Burraco in 6 players: basic rules

The most popular Burraco game modes are: single, pair and team, but there is also an alternative variant involving 6 players. 6-player Burraco is very