Burraco in 6 players: basic rules

The most popular Burraco game modes are: single, pair and team, but there is also an alternative variant involving 6 players. 6-player Burraco is very fun and exciting, and it is the perfect version if you want to get more people involved in the card game. The basic rules of six-player burraco were drawn up […]

Books on burraco: the best ones to get you started

A card game derived from the Pinnacola family, Burraco has since its inception captivated and continues to engage more and more people. Over the years of its development, starting of course with its birth to most unknown and of which there are many theories, societies and federations have sprung up with the purpose of regulating […]

Burraco and solidarity: an unbreakable bond

Burraco, like few card games in the world, despite its “seniority,” continues to fascinate and entertain a large number of people. It is no coincidence that the number of Burraco players throughout Italy continues to grow since its popularity around the 1940s. There are also many famous people who are fans of Burraco: Katia Ricciarelli […]

The rules of 4-player burraco

Card games are timeless and full of historical fascination, but above all they are able to bring exciting games to life without the need for much preparation. All it takes is the deck of cards, a willingness to learn the rules, a pinch of luck and a good dose of commitment. They allow you to […]

Royal Burraco and Classic Burraco

Burraco is a variation of the famous game of Pinnacola. The game is played on the classic green carpet (both real and virtual) with two decks of cards including the four jokers. The basic version has four players divided into two pairs, but other types of variants are possible depending on the number of participants; […]

Three-player burraco: the rules

Burraco is one of the most intriguing and engaging games, as well as one that is accessible to everyone from pre-teens to older adults. Burraco was introduced to Italy roughly in the years after World War II, and since then its success has proved irrepressible. It is played with two decks of French cards, the […]

Burraco in 5: the rules of the game

In the various possibilities of playing Burraco, there is also the alternative of playing with five participants. This type of game, given the large number of players, involves the use of 162 cards,to be exact, three decks of 54 cards. It goes without saying that it would not be possible to play the game with […]

Burraco points: how to calculate the score

The most complicated part of playing Burraco is definitely understanding the total point calculation after the end of the game. The game consists of precisely making “Burraco” (a straight of at least 7 cards of the same suit or 7 cards of the same figure), and then being able to close the game. The value […]

History of Burraco: origins and evolution

Origins and early regulations Burraco in recent years has won more and more audiences, becoming a favorite card game for players of all ages. Burraco would seem to originate in Latin America (to be more precise, it is often referred to as Uruguay), during the 1940s, as a variation of canasta. During the postwar period […]