Books on burraco: the best ones to get you started

A card game derived from the Pinnacola family, Burraco has since its inception captivated and continues to engage more and more people. Over the years of its development, starting of course with its birth to most unknown and of which there are many theories, societies and federations have sprung up with the purpose of regulating the game and managing tournaments of it even at the national and international level.

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As mentioned, the birth of the game remains confusing. Some people trace it back to Paraguay in the 1940s, or to southern Italy a few years later. The only certainty is that Burraco has since spread like wildfire, registering many admirers in the Bel Paese as well. Below we are going to discover some books inherent to Burraco, useful both to learn its rules and to refine its strategies.

Like anything, Burraco also needs a guide to delve into its world; let’s look at some books to take as reference:

  • Burraco. Rules, psychology and strategies. Corrado Tiralongo writes this book on the card game covered here, in which he delves into the world of Burraco, starting with an explanation of its rules and ending with a description of the psychology of the game and the strategies to be adopted to win. The writer, a psychologist with a passion for Burraco, conducted a long period of study and observation on the best players, trying to capture the best aspects of the way they played and posed toward the game itself and the opponent who sat before them. It finds, therefore, answers to many secrets of the game, adopting a psycho-social key.
  • Winning at Burraco. Cecilia Valci does not write a book in which there is the universal secret to winning at Burraco, but she does however lay out a series of tricks and strategies, basic tactics for being able to pose differently during games, analyzing every situation or variant you might come across.
  • Burraco of Champions – This is burraco. Written by Maura and Giorgio Vitale, it is considered one of the most authoritative books in the field. The text is fluent and engaging, and will appeal to both novices and experts.

Reading a lot of books will not give you the universal key to winning at every opportunity and in every game you face in Burraco. Rather, it directs you, or at least tries to, toward advice that could definitely help (then it takes a lot of practice).

These books are readily available and are used by so many people who are approaching this game or are already in it, in order to hone their technique and not to be found unprepared during the games they will face.

Because it is important not to throw oneself alone within a world, that of Burraco, that has many variations, many situations that radically change the way a player approaches the game. So if you want to approach this game in the best way possible, the advice is to read some good books on the subject.

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