Burraco and solidarity: an unbreakable bond

Burraco, like few card games in the world, despite its “seniority,” continues to fascinate and entertain a large number of people. It is no coincidence that the number of Burraco players throughout Italy continues to grow since its popularity around the 1940s. There are also many famous people who are fans of Burraco: Katia Ricciarelli and the late Luciano Pavarotti are examples.

Ogni anno in Italia vengono organizzati diversi tornei di Burraco, alcuni prettamente amatoriali e altri dalla portata più ampia, come quelli promossi dalle diverse associazioni dilettantistiche. Sometimes, however, Burraco also becomes an opportunity to do good. In the latter we refer to the various Burraco tournaments, often organized by associations such as Lions Club and Rotary.

Charity Burraco tournaments.

Burraco thus becomes an opportunity to unite enthusiasts and to do good, as well as to raise awareness of the important theme of solidarity. The many sponsoring associations, which are constantly active in the field of charity and in the service of social issues, aim each year to emphasize the significance of gestures of solidarity.

Solidarity education, in fact, means internalizing pivotal principles to act consciously in everyday life. Burraco represents the perfect game for renewing a strong brotherhood and a feeling of responsibility to others.

Throughout the country, thanks to the work of a number of associations, Burraco is the context for bringing together a great many fans of the game, who at the same time wish to contribute materially to solidarity activities.

A membership fee is usually required to participate in the various charity Burraco tournaments. Proceeds are donated, as appropriate, to humanitarian foundations, scientific research, local institutions, or for the protection of the weaker classes and those in need.

Thanks to the various editions of charity Burraco tournaments, numerous charitable projects have been carried out. Funds were raised for scientific research on pediatric neuroblastoma, for Caritas, for the Italian Association for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, earmarked for social soup kitchens, family homes, and a host of other charitable events.

In the course of the various Burraco tournaments also, prizes are usually awarded to the first-place couples and those with the highest scores in a single match. There is also no shortage of rich buffets, prizes and giveaways offered by participating sponsors.

A simple card game, such as Burraco, thus succeeds in uniting all participants in one feeling of solidarity, with the aim of offering material help to the community (as well as fostering socialization). Thanks in part to Burraco, the living conditions of many sick, elderly, people without jobs and all those without the means to live with dignity are improved.

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