Burraco in 6 players: basic rules

The most popular Burraco game modes are: single, pair and team, but there is also an alternative variant involving 6 players. 6-player Burraco is very fun and exciting, and it is the perfect version if you want to get more people involved in the card game.

The basic rules of six-player burraco were drawn up by the Italian Burraco Federation (Fibur) and do not differ much from the classic version. To understand the basic rules of six-player Burraco you need to be familiar with the classic one, although in this variant you can plan many more strategies and come up with lots of combinations.

How to play Burraco in six

In order to play six-player Burraco, three decks of French cards must be used, and it is always played in pairs, which in this particular case will be three instead of the classic two. The game is developed following the rules of the classic version with some minor differences in closing and creating wells.

To play six-player Burraco, three decks of French playing cards are set up on the table, and players position themselves according to the highest card drawn from the deck. The playing partners arrange themselves around the table, facing each other, and the dealer begins to shuffle the cards.

Each player is dealt 11 cards, and the player to the right of the dealer makes up three 11-card wells, arranging them crosswise on one side of the game board; in traditional burraco, there are only two wells. After the cards are dealt, the first card of the deck is turned over, and the game begins following the traditional rules of pair burraco.

One of the players in the pair keeps in front of him the tris, burracoes or other combinations created during the game, and only when one of them runs out of cards can the well be accessed. The game ends when either player in the pair, has exhausted the cards in his or her hand for the second time and has made at least one Burraco.

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The most interesting aspects of Burraco in six

Six-player Burraco is much more time-consuming and exciting than the classic version, not only because you have to analyze and observe the strategies of two other pairs, but also because you can simultaneously block the play of all participants.

One of the most interesting features, which makes the game of six-player burraco more exciting than the classic game, is the use of three decks of cards, so there will be three equal cards instead of 2. Given the large number of players, the deck for “drawing” cards may end, consequently the game ends with the drawing of the third-to-last card.

Another very interesting and fun aspect of six-player burraco is that there are as many as two opponents between a player and his partner, so it will be more difficult to help him during the game than in the traditional version.

The game of six-player Burraco is a great opportunity to socialize and share your passion for the game, plus if you are a close-knit and complicit group, you can even try your hand at professional tournaments and earn some money.

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