Pinnacle: definition and historical background

Burraco is one of the favorite games of Italians (and others). With a long tradition, an immense number of variants, more or less well-known, more or less compelling, it represents a true cultural heritage for card lovers.

In fact, to make it more dynamic, it is possible to change the rules, the scores, the number of players, according to the reference tradition: from Rummy to Canasta, from Pinella to Pinochle.

It is precisely the latter that we are going to talk about in these pages, presenting the trivia, history, but above all the features that made this particular version of the game one of the most compelling ever.

Even for those who are not exactly admirers of board games or card games, Pinochle can be a no small point of interest. In fact, it is one of the games, which even today, after many, many years after the first records, are found to be among the most popular all over the world.

Among the oldest in terms of tradition, number of players and events that have made its name great, let’s explore yet another very interesting variant of Burraco.

Speaking properly of history, when people talk about the Pinochle, they are not alluding to a simple version of Burraco, as many might improperly believe. It is a true parent compared to the well-known card game.

It initially originated as a possible variant of Rummy, a card game that was very popular in our country around the 1930s.

During World War II it accompanied a great many soldiers in the lulls of battles, until it underwent changes in regulations that caused it to be replaced by Canasta. In the second half of the twentieth century, it was revived, and variations followed one another over time, culminating in what is the “standard” version of Burraco.

As one might have guessed, given the long history of such a game, there is no shortage of variations peculiar to Pinochle, just as there is in regular Burraco. The following will present what are basically the most important game rules with which to start playing and having fun with Pinochle together.

The basic rules of Pinochle

As for the game itself, it was structured as follows: a dealer from among the group of players deals 13 cards to each player. The remaining cards will be placed in the center of the game board by uncovering the first card, called the well. Each player in turn will draw a card from the deck to place in his or her hand.

The goal is to create combinations to be dropped on the table, as is done in poker or playing a 40 ladder. So one must make up trios, poker, and scales, as long as they have a minimum of three cards of the same suit. After that, the player must discard a card, placing it in the well. Cards in the well may also be drawn by players in later rounds.

In any case, what counts to win the game is to close before others do, that is, to remain without any cards in your hand, trying to drop the cards that have the most value, thus accumulating the most points. Scores vary from version to version, but it is usually the poker and 7-card composite scales that are worth the most.

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