Semi-clean burraco: the terms of the game

To start playing Burraco, it is necessary to know the specific terms and understand in detail how the game is played in order to compete with other players. During the game, in order to score points and close the game, it is necessary to form combinations, called comunemente scale.

Ladders are used to form “tumblers” and can be of different types: clean, semi-clean or dirty. Initially, semi-clean Burraco was not considered a valid combination, but since 2008 the Italian Burraco Federation (Fibur) has sanctioned the legitimacy of the ladder, so it can be implemented in any tournament or online game.

With the introduction of semi-clean Burraco, it is easier for players to accumulate points and adopt new strategies to close the game, but the main goal of any match to secure a landslide victory is always to achieve a clean Burraco.

Differences between types of Burraco

To understand the difference between clean, semi-clean, or dirty Burraco, it is necessary to understand the different types of scales that can be achieved and what are the best strategies for winning the game.

The term Clean Burraco is used to identify the ladder or combination consisting of seven cards of the same suit and in ascending or descending sequence, without the addition of cards such as matta or pinella. For example, a clean burraco is King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine, Eight and Seven of clubs.

According to the Fibur definition, semi-clean Burraco is a sequence of 7 cards that can proceed or be followed by a pinella. Fins can never be inserted between cards, but can only be affixed at the beginning or end of the ladder.

There are two different combinations for making a semi-clean Burraco: the first option is to create a straight flush and add a pinella or joker that follows or precedes the other six cards, while the second sequence consists of eight cards with the matta being added between the cards.

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If you are playing a game, choosing to make a semi-clean Burraco allows you to more easily make a 7-card combination and immediately close the game.

Unlike, clean Burraco, semi-clean Burraco has a total value of 150 points and to indicate this it is usual to affix place the matta transversely to the scale. It should be noted that semi-clean Burraco has been validated exclusively by Fibur, so if you participate in tournaments organized by other federations, you cannot perform this particular type of sequence.

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Making several semi-clean “tumbles” allows you to significantly decrease the gap between scores and “dirty” a clean flush to close the game. In addition to clean and semi-clean Burraco there is another type of card sequence that allows you to “go down” cards, Dirty Burraco.

This particular type of Burraco can be accomplished by performing two different sequences: a seven-card ladder of the same suit including a matta/joker or a combination of seven or more cards of the same value.

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