The importance of strategy in a burraco tournament

The game of Burraco is one of the pastimes that manages to involve not only people of the elderly, but also enthusiasts who want to spend different time having fun without any thought. In fact, the game of Burraco allows one to:

  • Having fun in the company
  • Keeping one’s mind trained;
  • Increase the ability to reason and solve sudden situations.

Obviously in the game of Burraco the F-factor, that is, that of luck, is not the only element that must characterize one’s way of playing.

This is because of the simple fact that strategy takes on a key role, which is able to affect the entire course of the game. If care is not taken, even a masterfully played challenge could quickly turn into one’s own Caporetto.

But why does a good strategy take on great importance in what should be seen as a simple pastime that can provide different amounts of fun time? Let us now see why good game technique must always be present.

Practical advice on a good strategy

Strategy in a game of Burraco is very important since:

  • To win it is necessary to take a well, possibly before the single opponent and the challenger pair
  • At least one Burraco, dirty or otherwise, must be created
  • Need to keep a close eye on the score: the person who closes first does not always bring home the victory

All these particular aspects need to be analyzed before the game and during the initial phase of play. In addition, a good strategy also involves:

  • Quick thinking and calculation
  • Quickly choose whether to take discard cards, or try your luck and draw a covered card
  • Try to assess the opponents’ strategy and figure out whether a card that needs to be discarded could be useful to the opponents, or whether it will remain stationary on the table and unused

Strategy is therefore very important since a simple mistake could be synonymous with points being given away to the opponents, who could end the game quickly and without much difficulty.

Obviously, the strategy, which must be good at least in the initial stage, must necessarily be subjected to constant monitoring and revision, since the variations that may occur during the game may result in a different way of acting and thinking from the one initially set.

Taking advantage of a good strategy is thus an indispensable way of doing things, which succeeds in gaining several advantages such as:

  • Preventing the disadvantage of not taking the well first
  • Consistently increasing the score of opponents
  • Find yourself with too many cards in your hand and risk having to pay a high score
  • Approach closure as quickly as possible.

In addition to these aspects, you will also have the advantage of discouraging opponents and inducing them to make mistakes that could be synonymous with their defeat. Setting up a good and successful Burraco strategy will therefore require:

  • Always keep your eyes open
  • Reasoning quickly to change the strategy itself
  • Intuit what the next move made by one’s opponents will be

Burraco is therefore a game of strategy with just a hint of luck, which will be much less than you imagine if you set your own way of playing and keep your concentration at the highest level at all times, turning the game into a success and increasing the fun as well.

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