The role of the Burraco referee and how to become one

When you play burraco, as in any other sport, you know that you are obliged to follow the rules to the letter, and whenever one of the rules is not followed, it is the job of a referee to intervene by making important decisions.

So this is a key figure in the conduct of games and tournaments of this discipline, as he is the only figure officially authorized to control, sanction and verify the proper conduct of the participants in the game, which thanks to him will take place in a clear, correct and peaceful manner.

His presence is above the whole tournament, as he has to be attentive to all the various tables, not being able to dwell on any one in particular, and his intervention occurs only when requested by a participating player: in fact theReferee is not constantly present at the gaming table.

Basically, in addition to knowing the complex regulations of this discipline after a long preparation, he must also be rational, calm and able to listen. A burraco referee often is or has been either a player, thus being more familiar with the climate present on the table.

One of the main tasks a referee performs is to prepare the location where the tournament will take place so that everything can be carried out without any complications.

An example of such a task is checking the table markers and checking the presence of pens on the tables: these table markers are important as the sequence of scores is derived from them.

Another task of this basic figure is to check the cards of the organizing federation, which must be possessed regularly by all participants, and in addition among them will be chosen always by the referee, the jury.

In addition to this, as mentioned earlier, the referee intervenes on the field as an external figure and most of the time only upon request, when, for example, cards are dealt incorrectly by the dealer, or when, if there are exposed cards inside the heel, if a player commits any infraction. Following such occurrences, the referee intervenes and decides whether to apply a penalty or let the game continue and ignore it.

Of course, the situations in which the referee intervenes are not only these: sometimes it happens that he has to intervene for unforeseen cases, and this is where the referee shows his class and ability.

How to become a Burraco referee

A person to become a federation referee must necessarily be registered with the F.I.Bur affiliated association. Following this you must be appointed as a Provisional Circle Referee by the National President, who must decide whether to accept or reject the application forwarded by the President of the society with which you are registered.

Next you must be appointed Final Circle Referee, the here application will be reviewed by the Federal Examining Board.

The next steps will be to get appointed as Provincial, Regional and eventually National Provisional or Final Referee. The whole course must be performed, of course, after attending a preparation course organized by the federation.

It is important to repeat that not everyone can be a referee, as one must have the right temperament of character and attention to detail.

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