The rules of 4-player burraco

Card games are timeless and full of historical fascination, but above all they are able to bring exciting games to life without the need for much preparation. All it takes is the deck of cards, a willingness to learn the rules, a pinch of luck and a good dose of commitment.

They allow you to have a great time with friends and bring your strategic skills into play.One of the most famous classic card games is certainly Burraco. One of the main strengths of Burraco, besides the simplicity of the rules, is the fact that it is really suitable for anyone. You can play it alone, relying only on your own strength and skills, or in pairs.

It is also possible to play the three-player variant, but the most common variant is the four-player variant, which is played through cooperation between the two pairs in the game to achieve the ultimate goal.

This consists of closing, that is, putting all the cards on the table, without having any more cards in hand and after doing Burraco, that is, putting on the table a set consisting of at least seven cards, sorted according to a scale or combinations of any kind.

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How to play 4-player Burraco

The version with four is the most frequent and allows you to collaborate with a playing partner, to make sure that at least one of you ends the game with no cards in your hand.They are formed two 11-card decks each (called wells), arranged in a cross at one side of the table, and each player is dealt 11 cards.

The leftover cards are placed face down in the middle of the table, while the first card of this deck is turned over and placed next to the deck. It is about the scraps. Each player draws from this deck and each turn will also have to discard a card, as the turns unfold players must also be able to create combinations and lay them on the table.

A minimum of three cards can be laid. In the deck, the Jokers and Pinelle (i.e., the two) can replace any card within a sequence. The game ends when one of the players in the pair lays down and discards all of his or her 11 cards, takes one of the wells and tries to get rid of that as well. When he has nothing left in his hand, he is said to have made “Burraco,” the game ends and the points are counted.

Point counting

Points are counted according to the type of Burraco that was just done. Clean Burraco, without Joker or Pinelle, is worth 200 points, while dirty Burraco is worth 100 points. semi-clean Burraco, on the other hand, occurs in two circumstances, namely when the combination includes a matta that follows or precedes the other six cards, or when the combination is created with at least eight cards, including a matta. The score of a semi-clean Burraco is 150 points.

The points of the cards remaining in the player’s hand should be removed from the final evaluation. Although it seems difficult to remember the value of each card, actually once the rules are understood it is very easy to play Burraco. No game is ever the same, and the collaboration between players makes this game challenging and fun. A great pastime for empty moments or to get the ingenuity going.

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Simple and free

Start playing Burraco online is easy: you just need to sign up, activate your account and then download and install the free software so that you can join the largest community of Burraco, with thousands of players.