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26/09/2020 20:05:13

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Free Italian Burraco

In the last few years the passion for the Burraco game has literally exploded, especially thanks to the platforms that allow gamers to comfortably play from their own PC. There are several versions of Burraco, the most widespread would seem the 4 players one where they challenge in two pairs (it can also be played individually, and there are variations with odd players).

It's a game that in addition to entertainment, trains the mind and stimulates the strategic vision. As for other card games the social side shouldn't be underestimated. Burraconline community has thousands of active members, who exchange information, advice, curiosity on the Forum every day. Often new friendships are born or opportunities for relax and fun.

On our platform, the competitive aspect of the game is instead enhanced by the points system, the reliability index and the assigned animal level. Top 100 Elite players (both for the 2 player matches and the 4 player matches) will be shown in the section dedicated to the rankings.

By signing up and downloading the software you will be able to immediately start playing and interacting with other players. Should you have any doubt, take a look at the F.A.Q. or Contact sections.

How to play Burraco card game

Discover Burraco's rules: introduction and purpose of the game in brief.

Discover the rules of the game

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Start playing Burraco online is easy: you just need to sign up, activate your account and then download and install the free software so that you can join the largest community of Burraco, with thousands of players.