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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



Usually in email programs, there is a folder called "SPAM" (or "JUNK"): this is the place where all messages considered advertisement or other are stored. It is very likely that the activation email is end up right there.

If you do not have a folder called "SPAM" but you have the opportunity to access your email through a "WEBMAIL", please check if that directory is visible and accessible from there.

If none of these attempts have helped you on finding the email containing the activation code, you can request it by sending an email to [email protected] specifying the account you have registered and activating it manually through the 'ACTIVATION' button on the site.
Unfortunately the Burraconline game currently does not support the MAC world, exception made for the iPad, but we are planning to move in this direction in the near future.
1) First you need to create an account by clicking on the "SIGN UP" section in the menu of the site.

2) Once you have subscribed, you will receive a confirmation email with a link inside: by clicking this link, you will activate your account.

3) Going to the "DOWNLOAD" section and clicking on "DOWNLOAD BURRACONLINE" you can download the game, install it on your PC, and use the account that you have created.
To add a new nickname, you need to make a new subscription from the "SIGN UP" section. You can use also the same email address that you have used for other nickname.


The level is based on the "LEVEL POINTS" which are calculated taking into consideration any penalties caused by disconnection (EVEN IF UNINTENTIONAL) or caused by the leaving of the table in certain critical situations.

The "LEVEL POINTS" appear ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY in the game application, above the figure that represents your level, at the bottom right.

Find below the LEVEL POINTS and the corresponding level:

Up to 4: Butterfly
From 5 to 9: Mouse
From 10 to 14: Cat
From 15 to 19: Panda
From 20 to 49: Lion
From 50 to 99: Eagle
From 100 to 199: Panther
From 200 to 499: Shark
From 500 up: Dragon


When you create a match, under the "NUMBER OF THE SMAZZATE" appears in green a message that makes it clear when a match is valid or not valid for the ranking. Currently, the limit is set to 3 SMAZZATE in the case of 2 PLAYER matches, and 2 SMAZZATE in the case of 4 PLAYER matches.

If the played match is "not valid for the ranking" the final score (WON / LOST) is not scored on the profiles, and it is not given any LEVEL POINT (necessary to level up).The matches which are not valid for the ranking are useful either for those who want to make some test matches with other people without jeopardizing the score of both or for those who are not interested in playing for the LEVELS ranking.
No it is not true. Nevertheless, there will always be those who will say that there are favored lines.
No, it is not true - whenever we hear again this story (which come out again more or less every month), it makes us smile.It would be sufficient to observe some details: for example, during the match the card which is picked up on player's request - and the back of the card that is picked up from the deck does not change depending on who is taking it ... If the opposite were true, the card would change depending on the level of those who are taking it ... You will often hear stories and urban legends on regard.
Press the "Alt" key (which is placed next to the spacebar on his left side) and at the same time press the "Stamp" key (usually placed at the right-top of the keyboad, after the Function keys - F1, F2, F3 ...).

Once you press these two buttons at the same time you'll see that apparently does not happen anything. Actually it has been stored on your computer a sort of "picture" (a screenshot) of the screen that you were seeing.

If you open now a new document in Word and with the right mouse button you choose the "Paste" option, you'll see that will appear the saved "screenshot". Now you have to save the document on your computer and send it, along with your comments, to [email protected] If you have an Elite account, simply press the "FLASH" button.
We suggest you to sign up, download the game and access to the table as a viewer, in this way you cannot do any damage, and you can search through the chat some kind person who may help you.
The sharing tools, when used with fairness, are good social aggregation tools aimed to spice up the Burraconline community.

Unfortunately, as in all things, when these tools are used for other illegal purposes they lose the positive ones.

The important thing is create within the community a crowd of trusted virtual friends. Unfortunately we can do very little against the decision of some users to secretly communicate their gaming strategies...


You can find a detailed explanation about the abandonments in the STANDARD/ELITE section, under "Points Allocation" where we explain the differences between the "leaving of the match" if you have a STANDARD nickname or if you have an ELITE nickname.
Because once you understand the trick, instead of click on "abbandona la partita" ("leave the match"), everyone would take away the Internet connection cable "simulating" a disconnection.
Because smart people could take advantage of it, by playing from two PCs and by growing the level of just one of the two nicknames, leaving continuously the table with one nickname making continously win the other nickname.

We do not want that Burraconline fills up of players who have achieved cheating the Dragon LEVEL: we prefer to give the appropriate level only to those who really deserve it, although, because of these smart people, the process must necessarily be slowed.
There are two basic reasons:

1) On Burraconline you can create as many accounts as you want, if we ban an account you can always create a new one.

2) It is a excessive penalty and we could incur the risk of deterring the access to the game for those who simply had a connection problem or similar.
The Burraconline's game is related to the players' "animal levels", and a lot of people, just to level up, come up with all sort of creative things attempting to avoid playing "normally", just to try to level up. Among these, there are other players who simply have connectivity problems, or connect to networks with weak signals, and that unintentionally during the match they can find out from the gaming table - giving the feeling to those who remain that has been abandoned the table because on disadvantage.

Since, unlike a real match, we never know what really happens in the specific to each individual player, the technical staff of Burraconline is always looking for new ways to try to differentiate who really leaves a table on purpose and those who do it leaves for various connection problems. But for every solution there is always a downside, and whilst attempting to consider everything, there's always someone smart that finds the way to scrub the next.

For this reason the management of the abandons is often revised, and new systems and enhancements are always added.
In Burraconline you will often find people who try to take advantage of any situation to suddenly level up, or that tease on purpose the other players to force them to leave the table. This phenomenon increase along with the growth of Burraconline users - in the ELITE version there are tools to curb these individuals.
Because smart people could take advantage of it, by playing from two PCs and by growing the level of just one of the two nicknames, leaving continuously the table with one nickname making continously win the other nickname.

We do not want that Burraconline fills up of players who have achieved cheating the Dragon LEVEL: we prefer to give the appropriate level only to those who really deserve it, although, because of these smart people, the process must necessarily be slowed.


No, in Burraconline there are no prizes neither cash nor of any other sort. You play just for fun and to level up but and (or) also to come out on the top of the ranking.
YES, Burraconline is FREE and it is still our belief that there will always be a FREE version of the game on which everyone can play.
NO - the Burraconline's structure has a not indifferent technical monthly cost - and these expenses are addressed only at first hand by the site administrator.

What is moving on BURRACONLINE is in PRIMIS the administrator's great passion for this game and for this community.The administrator constantly puts its professionalism and most of the free time (and not only) to work on Burraconline, also thanks to the collaboration of the STAFF.
It is a paid version of the game which offers many added features and new levels - for all the details you can refer to the "STANDARD/ELITE" section in the menu navigation.
First of all, try to contact your provider to see if there are problems.In case you still have problems you can send an email to [email protected]
If you have forgotten your password, we can help you to solve the problem. Click on the section "PASS. RECOVERY" in the menu and follow the instructions contained in it in order to receive the password to the email address used for registration.
Anyone can ask for the password recovery, but obviously they will never get hold of your password, because it is delivered ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY to the email address used when the account has been created.
Burraconline's staff checks and controls all the messages that are placed in the forum, and until they are approved are not visible to the public. Not always the publication of the posts on the forum is done quickly: sometimes the staff is working on other issues and therefore this activity is slowed.

Sometimes the staff may decide not to publish a message, for example either if it contains provocations, or if it contains questions that were already made hundreds and hundreds of times, or even for other reasons.
You can not change the nickname. If you want a new identity, you need to re-register, and the new nickname will start from scratch.
Click the right mouse button on the nickname on which you are interested in and add it to your friends list; in this case after opening a table you can book a seat for her or him who is going to play with you (a dedicated drop-down menu will be available), and accordingly the table you open will be visible to everyone showing a reserved seat.

To book the seats for the opponents you have to follow the same procedure (N.B. their nickname has to be previously entered in your friends list)