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In-Game and Forum Policies

Last Update - 02/01/2014 15.32.01

1 - Obligations and Users' Prohibitions

1.1 It is expressly forbidden, from the users of the site, to send messages that are abusive, slanderous, hateful, abusive either for individual people or for the entire community, threatening and similar or any other material that may violate applicable law. Where such violations are carried out as part of the forum, its messages will be made invisible or eliminated altogether, this at the discretion of administrators. Where such violations are carried out in general in any field, users acknowledge the directors the right, at their unquestionable judgment, to ban, temporarily or permanently, the offender from the site. Every insistence will be prosecuted.

1.2 Users are solely responsible for the messages they write and for their contents, both in the forums and in chat. The action of forum moderation is to exclusively censoring / deleting messages clearly contrary to common morality and always at the unquestionable judgment of administrators. If a user, by interpreting or adapting sentences based on his own personal experiences or facts, religious beliefs, or something else, considers that he has received an insult or slander, he can contact the police by filing a regular complaint and specifying the reasons and the nickname by which he considers that has received such offenses. It's not up neither to the administrators of the site nor to the forum moderators verify the validity of the messages written by others, even if approved, where possible, through the use of moderation tools.

1.3 Any breach of the above mentioned prohibitions, so considered at the discretion of the administrators of the site will be prosecuted as shown in the "intervention procedures, reproaches, ban".

1.4 It 's not allowed to argue publicly on the work of the staff, unless it is explicitly required the opinion of users right by a staff member.

1.5 The choice of the nickname and the avatar should not contain phrases, words, concepts or offensive representations to any person, race, religion, political orientation and / or sexual. It must not contain names or references to political figures known. Should not, also, create confusion or the belief in the other users about their belonging to the staff of the site. The nicknames created in this manner, will be immediately canceled and in case has been made an Elite subscription, it will be canceled without chance of getting any refund.

1.6 Penalty in accordance with art. 3, it is not allowed to Users, since this activity is reserved to the site's Administrators, the use of the Burraconline.com FORUM or the CHAT at the table or the PM to organize meetings and gatherings among users of the site.

1.7 The nickname and the password are strictly personal, have to be well kept, and can not be made public or given away, gifted, or sold in any way to others. For accounts already created, the acceptance of this clause count as a declaration that the account in use is personally created and it has not been acquired by third parties.

1.8 The sending of custom avatars by users enabled to this function, before their publication, are subject to approval of the staff and administrators of the site and presuppose that there is a legal agreement to its disclosure from the same users who send the proposed avatar. In the case of photos depicting minors, as well as in the case of pictures containing copyright, the user certifies under its responsibility that they are legitimately entitled to the disclosure of the same. The user is aware and absolve Baetica LTD of all responsibility, which, in its approval / rejection activity of proposed avatars will be limited to the disapproval of avatars which may harm the "common morality", avatars representing persons not in line with the general policies of the site, or that simply are not acceptable, at unquestionable judgment of staff and administrators, also without providing any explanation. The user is also aware that the staff and administrators can decide to strike avatars previously approved, at the request of the authorities, of the rights owners, or for any other reason, even at their sole discretion, and without providing any explanation.

1.9 As far as the contents covered by intellectual property rights, such as text and pictures, the user grants to Burraconline a non-exclusive licence, transferable, which can be granted as a sub-license, royalty-free and valid throughout the world, which allows the use of any text and picture published on Burraconline or connected with it.

1.10 It is expressly forbidden to make sign-up falsifying their personal data. The user confirms that the data entered during registration to the site correspond to the truth. Any registered users with falsified data will be immediately canceled / suspended from the use of the site and will eventually be subject to a formal complaint with the competent authorities.

1.11 The user declares that the data entered in the registration form are accurate and correspond to the person who has compiled it.

1.12 Any email fallen into disuse or not more accessible should be replaced with a new email address. Email changes have to be promptly communicated at [email protected], by providing as evidence the first three characters of the password of the account used on Burraconline, clearly specifying the email address which is no longer in use and the new email address. In the event that at the same time is changed the email address, it is lost the Burraconline account password and it is changed the computer, it will be requested a document which must match the data entered at registration. In case they do not match, Siesta Games LTD is relieved of responsibility for providing the user with a method to retrieve the account and / or to obtain reimbursement of any Elite subscription or purchased tokens.

1.13 The use of the chat is NOT provided in the game. The CHAT is temporarily GRANTED only to those users who demonstrate knowledgeable use in the full respect of others and without attitudes of resentment, hatred, and in general it is granted only to those people who have not violated any rule of behavior among those specified in this Regulation. It follows that the CHAT might also be disabled for paying "Elite" users. The CHAT may be disabled, even indirectly for those who connect from the same location.

1.14 It is possible to APPOINT nickname in the game, because the NICKNAME represent intrinsically a form of protection of their personal data. The right to privacy into Italian and Maltese law does not provide the protection of pseudonyms ("nickname") that are, in themselves, systems that provide anonymity.

1.15 It is strictly forbidden to advertise other sites within the game, both competitors and not, either through direct publication of url/link or through the spread of the name. The chat in general can not be used for advertising or propaganda of any kind.

2. Site administrators' entitlements

2.1 The user confers to the site administrators and to its "Staff" the right to remove or close any Forum / Topic / Message / Answer whenever they deem it necessary, this according to its own discretion. In case of no direct intervention of Staff, the user can on its own make a complaint to the section's moderator and wait for the appropriate action.

2.2 Users recognize the full rights of administrators, in their unquestionable judgment, to exclude them from the site, from the chat or from the forum, without notice or explanation. Tones generally polemical or aggressive are not considered particularly welcome. Every insistence will be prosecuted.

2.3 Users recognize the full rights of administrators, in their unquestionable judgment, to close any debate where arguments or tones are not appropriate to the line of site. If during the discussion the tones were to escalate, the staff can intervene in ways that will be considered appropriate, this according to an unquestionable judgment of the administrators. In the case of any reports of transgressions by the users, the moderator has to check the validity of the requests and, in its sole judgment, deemed necessary proceed in the manner it deems most appropriate. Will not be tolerated in any way the lack of respect on the part of users on theories, ideas, religions and races other than their own, represented by other users.

2.4 In order to stop behaviors such as those forbidden by the site and prohibited by law, in order to allow an easy identification of the offender, the user is aware - and expressly agree - that the BURRACONLINE.COM software is able to identify UNIQUELY their own PC on the network, by generating a UNIQUE IDENTIFYING NUMBER applied by the software BURRACONLINE.COM based on some characteristics of the PC on which it is installed (information which anyway does not provide any personal information and does not identify the user in any way). The user, therefore, expressly recognizes the right to site administrators, in their unquestionable judgment, to deny access to the BURRACONLINE game to any possible new nickname you want to create from the same PC identified as offender.

2.5 Always in order to stop behaviors such as those forbidden by the site and prohibited by law, in order to allow easy identification of the offender, the user is aware that their conversations, both chatting at the table among several people and chatting in private through PM, will be recorded and its contents will kept in computerised form in the archives of Siesta Games LTD for the minimum time established by law. To this end, these recordings will be used by the Administrators, on their own initiative or on the reporting of individual users, for adoption, after evaluation of the content, of the disciplinary measures in accordance with this Regulation or for reporting to Public Authorities to take appropriate action. The user, aware of what has been proposed, authorizes the Siesta Games LTD to make recordings as as has been said earlier as well as to undertake the related subsequent activities described above.

3. Intervention procedures, Scolding, Ban and Dumb

3.1 In case of a behavior, by one or more users, considered unfair, serious, derogatory, offensive or not appropriate to the site policy, on unquestionable judgment of the Administrators without the need of prior justification or clarification, the user will eventually be either privately or publicly contacted and is urged to change attitude. The user can be excluded, temporarily or permanently, from the site and from the game, even without warnings. The user expressly agree that he might suffer actions such as the inhibition of the chat (DUMB) or the cutting off the connection to Burraconline through the game software (BAN), both temporarily and indefinitely, both through any automated filters and by the administrators or by the staff. In the case of automated filters, capable of intercepting any common swearing or insults, the user accept a possible margin of error. The list of words, of the insults or of the words which are deemed inappropriated it is at the discretion and unquestionable judgment of the Administrators. In any case, the duration and manner of the measures of DUMB and BAN will be taken on total unquestionable judgment of the Administrators, without any obligation of justification or explanation.

3.2 Any form of interference (by way of example but not limited to, flood messages, private messages or similar) will be immediately prosecuted by the site administrators, either alone or by reporting of other users, and those which are responsible will be permanently banned from the site without prior notice, and will be forbidden to themthe use temporarily or definitively of the game application, at unquestionable judgment of the Administrators and without having to provide any justification.

3.3 Users recognize as of now the site administrators' rights, according to their unquestionable judgment and without having to provide any justification, to ban or kick out individual users from the site, identified either through their nickname or through their computer access. In the latter case (identification by computer) also the creation of new nicknames implies the impossibility to connect to the game.

3.4 If a user is banned from the site and were to continue to re-registering, also either using different nickname or through different computer accesses, with the sole purpose of protesting and/or disturbing and/or hindering the smooth running of the site's activity, of individual users and/or of the work of the staff members, site administrators will proceed to the immediate reporting to the competent authorities and to the provider. If the procedures of intervention were to become necessary on an Elite nicknames, for example, but not exclusively, through the creation, for the sole purpose of causing disruption within the community, of nicknames considered, at the discretion of the directors, offensive, disparaging or otherwise in contrast to the ethical regulation of the site, the user expressly accept to the immediate cancellation of any subscription or purchased tokens, without any possibility of refund.

3.5 Possible blockages of the user account that prevent the access to the game NOT allow you to obtain a refund of any Elite subscriptions or purchased tokens.

4. Disclaimer

4.1 BURRACONLINE.COM and Siesta Games LTD can not be held responsible for any malfunction caused directly or indirectly by the installation or use of the game software. Users exempt either BURRACONLINE.COM and Siesta Games LTD from any liability for any malfunctions caused or damages caused, directly or indirectly, from the installation or use of the game software, expressly renouncing from now to any action for damages against them.

5. Cancellation of your account and request for reactivation

5.1 The request for cancellation of its account can be done directly within the game itself. Elapsed 120 days from the request for cancellation without that there has been a demand for "reactivation" of the deleted account, Siesta Games LTD will delete from its archives of all the user personal information related to the user account deleted. In this regard, the user expressly authorizes Siesta Games LTD to keep in the archive its personal information for a period of 120 days, commencing from the request for cancellation of its game account, but then, after this date, elapsed this time without requiring reactivation of the account, provide for the definitive cancellation of the data.

5.2 Any deleted account can be recovered upon user request only after passing a minimum period of 30 days, always and anyway at the discretion of the administrators and staff.

5.3 In any case, the user requesting the reactivation must demonstrate knowledge of the password of the nickname previously deleted of which is requested the reactivation as well as prove to be the holder of the email address linked to the nickname, otherwise it will be not possible to proceed.

5.4 The possible recovery of the nickname will also allows the recovery of the related level and rank. After 120 days without any request for reactivation, the nickname and all the personal data will be permanently deleted with the result that the nickname will be once again publicly available for new recordings.

The cancellation will take place over 120 days if disciplinary measures taken are still active, both BAN type and DUMB type. In this case, should elapse at least another 120 days from the expiration date of the measure so that the cancellation will be implemented permanently.

5.5 All the nicknames that haven't ever done even one logon will be deleted after 1 (one) month from the creation date.

5.6 The request for cancellation of their personal data from the archives of Siesta Games LTD will determine the cancellation of the game accounts making it impossible for the user to use the game and its features, but not cover the deletion of messages on the forum: posts on the forum remain property of the forum itself and can not be erased, even as a form of legal protection in the event it arise the need from the authorities of any audits of text exchanges that took place.

5.7  All the nicknames who's last logon was more than 5 (five) years ago, will be deleted (unless they still have, at that time, one ore more active BAN). In the latter case, they will remain stored in our database until the BAN due date. The deletion process will also remove the nickname from the friends list / black list of all the other users, and the nickname from the forum (posts may remain).

I, the undersigned, hereby consciously accept unconditionally, after having understood its contents, nature and scope, each of the clauses above transcribed and again indicated below: 1 - Obligations and Users' Prohibitions; 2. Site administrators' entitlements; 3. Intervention procedures, Scolding, Ban and Dumb; 4. Disclaimer; 5. Cancellation of your account and request for reactivation.

If read within the game itself, the acceptance of this announcement will be logged by our computer systems as required by law. If you do not agree with this regulation, you have to click on the button, then uninstall and remove the software from your computer and/or devices installed.