History of Burraco: origins and evolution

Origins and early regulations

Burraco in recent years has won more and more audiences, becoming a favorite card game for players of all ages. Burraco would seem to originate in Latin America (to be more precise, it is often referred to as Uruguay), during the 1940s, as a variation of canasta. During the postwar period then it spread widely in Europe as well (until it reached Italy, at first it would seem in the southern part of the peninsula).

Initially Burraco was played mostly by women to entertain friends, but thanks to word of mouth the card game went viral and the first tournaments began in bars and clubs. The first Burraco games did not follow precise rules, consequently the Fibur (Italian Burraco Federation) was born, which drew up precise and structured rules in order to standardize all tournaments.

Burraco has become so popular, and more and more people are getting hooked and participating in the many tournaments organized throughout Italy and the world. With the advent of the Internet, Burraco spread widely, and applications and platforms dedicated to the game emerged, where one could compare oneself with other enthusiasts and participate in online tournaments in pairs or with multiple players.

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Online Burraco

The game now thrills thousands of players of all ages (including VIPs), and tournaments organized by the federation and private clubs (often for charitable purposes) have multiplied. Thanks to the Internet, Burraco enthusiasts can finally play anytime, from the comfort of home, with users from all over the world.

The ability to participate in online tournaments at any time of the day and always face new challenges has contributed to the emergence of so many platforms dedicated to online Burraco. Online Burraco sites and apps engage users with the ability to earn prizes, bonuses and climb the leaderboards by sharing their results.

On the Internet, you not only try your hand at the standard version of the game but also participate in tournaments with 2, 4 or more players. Online Burraco is an opportunity to meet new people and discover new trivia about this fun card game (to learn more, visit the forum page). It is also a good training ground for honing one’s playing strategies and becoming a professional.

The Andromeda and Cassiopeia variants.

Two of the most famous variants of the game of Burraco, are called Andromeda and Cassiopeia and mostly involve playing in pairs. The Andromeda version of Burraco assumes a different type of closure than the standard game. In order to be able to close you must have access to the well and have formed at least one burraco, if one of the players in the pair has only one card in their hand that is not a joker or a flipper. This differs from standard closing, which involves discarding all cards.

The Cassiopeia version, on the other hand, is more complex than the previous one, and in order to close the game it is necessary that the members of the pair must not have any cards in their hands. Closure can take place only if three specific cases occur: no cards in hand, if one of the two is left with only one card that is not pinella or joker, or if the players’ cards form a pair or sequence.

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Simple and free

Start playing Burraco online is easy: you just need to sign up, activate your account and then download and install the free software so that you can join the largest community of Burraco, with thousands of players.